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Enter Softly COVER_PB_ebook.jpg

A collection of 3 novellas

Enter Softly collects the brand new novellas that are included in the extended editions of CriteriumThe Dark Side of the Room, and the new novel Almost Ruth

In Along the Shadow, a story from the world of The Dark Side of the Room, Detective Gary Shaw is called to the scene of an unusual and grisly murder. which leads him to chase after a strange suspect. But Shaw is not sure if the suspect is also chasing him.

The butler for a wealthy family begins to fear the worst when mysterious guests show up at the manor in Wake Up, a prequel story to the novel Almost Ruth.

And in Enter Softly, Emergency Room nurse, Lisa Morton, has a problem and she is about to lose her marriage, her child, and her job. As she works the night shift a very damaged patient comes into the hospital and sets in motion a series of events that could lead to Lisa's salvation, or her end. A companion novella to the critically acclaimed Criterium, Tyler Jones returns to a world where addiction is a force with teeth and claws, and it will not let you go quietly.

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SIGNED paperback

"This is small-town Bradbury with a world weary mean streak: even the magic here seems perfectly happy to break your bones and drag your face across asphalt."
- Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of The Loop and Entropy In Bloom

"What struck me the hardest was the delicate beauty of the telling. There’s a tight-wired fragility to the prose, to the story, that creates a sense of both awe and uncertainty. A grisly tale, an ever-so-slow twisting of a knife. A triumphant piece of fiction."
- Philip Fracassi, author of Beneath a Pale Sky and Behold the Void

"Haunting, uncanny and profound: the strongest and most compelling new voice that I’ve read in a very long time.”
- Michael Marshall Smith, author of Only Forward and The Straw Men

"Criterium is a haunting, visceral, gripping story filled with symbolism and allegory. Buckle up for a wild ride that will leave you bruised, shaken, and filled with dread. Tyler Jones is an author to keep an eye on."
-Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Spontaneous Human Combustion
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