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Extended Edition


- introduction by Philip Fracassi (Beneath a Pale Sky)

- new novella Along the Shadow

For years, Betsy Lupino has lived alone in a rundown apartment. Alone except for the growing wall of darkness that slowly devours her thoughts and memories. When a mysterious stranger moves into the building, Betsy fears the worst--that all of the dark inside her head has escaped into the real world.


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SIGNED: paperback

"Genuinely unsettling and leaking of paranoid dread. The Dark Side of the Room is residential horror at its finest."

- Max Booth III, author of We Need to Do Something

"What struck me the hardest was the delicate beauty of the telling. There’s a tight-wired fragility to the prose, to the story, that creates a sense of both awe and uncertainty. A grisly tale, an ever-so-slow twisting of a knife. A triumphant piece of fiction."
- Philip Fracassi, author of Beneath a Pale Sky and Behold the Void

“I devoured this one. Holy hell. Tyler brings so much heart to the story…A lucid read which creeps low to the ground until it springs on an unknowing you. Heart. Blood. Grief. All the good stuff. I’ve said it before and know I’ll say it again: Tyler Jones is the real deal.”
– Scott J. Moses, author of Hunger Pangs

“…a horrifying treat…made my skin crawl…some of the scenes made squirm and gag.”
–Villimey Mist, author of Nocturnal Blood and Nocturnal Farm

“Ominous and profound…a dark and creepy tale that left me filled with dread.”
– Brian Bowyer, author of Sinister Mix and Flesh Rehearsal

“There's melancholy, chills and poignancy throughout this book…Jones really puts his foot down and goes for the jugular. This is a surprising and intense read.”
– Dan Howarth author of Dark Missives

The Dark Side of the Room delves deep into the horror of a mind devoured by darkness. This book will leave readers with a creeping sense of dread that is all-consuming from start to finish. Tyler Jones is an extremely talented writer who crafts some of the most compelling stories I've read in the horror genre.”
– Andrew Fowlow, The Horror Oasis

“…a tense, supernatural horror that builds steadily without compromise. Themes of dementia and horror bleed together in a story about a strange new resident to an apartment block with a very dark secret.”
– Craig Wallwork, author of Bad People and Human Tenderloin

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