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- the novella "Wake Up"

Ashville is a town with a secret history. Ancient structures lie hidden in the woods, and strange rituals are performed to keep the dead where they belong. For gravedigger Abel Cunningham, it is also a town filled with regrets. And when Abel is tasked with an unusual burial, he discovers there are more than just corpses in the cemetery.

Set in an unsettling vision of the Old West, Almost Ruth is the new nightmare from the author of Criterium and The Dark Side of the Room.

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"Tyler Jones writes with the lyrical complexity and haunting tenderness of masters like Matheson and Straub while remaining entirely new and inventive. A true visionary of contemporary horror fiction."
- Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

"Tyler Jones shows us in Almost Ruth that he is a fierce talent in the horror genre and one not to be missed, with prose as sharp as a scalpel he cuts us wide open and pours salt into our wounds. This book broke something in me and I fear I’ll never be whole again. Jones is unmistakably one of the brightest lights in indie horror right now, read his words and be transformed".
- Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Nominated author of Tome, Juniper, and Only The Stains Remain

"Almost Ruth is rooted in humanity. With unmatched depth and painstaking beauty, Jones crafts a story focused on small town rituals reminiscent of Shirley Jackson. One that will keep your gears turning and your blood chilled long after the last page."
- Brennan LaFaro, author of Slattery Falls
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